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RHS Rosemoor

What a fantastic day we had at Rosemoor- our first school trip ever. Just getting into our learning partners and getting on the bus was exciting. We met up with Kings Nympton school, their bus was right behind ours. We normally Zoom them, but seeing them in real life we got a bit nervous! We were split into two groups, some went with Mrs Rowcliffe, Mrs Blacker and Mrs Linton and half of Kings Nympton Class 1, and the others went with Mrs Godly, the Kings Nympton teacher, Mrs Winsor and the other half of Kings Nympton Class 1 children. They only have 12 in Class 1 and it is Reception, year 1 and 2 altogether!

One group explored the gardens looking for sculptures, flower and vegetables while the other group learnt about deciduous and ever green trees. During the crafting we made a beautiful Christmas card and reindeer hat! After lunch the groups swapped over. We had such a lovely day. So many members of the public told us how well behaved we were. We can't wait for our next trip!


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