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Kents Cavern

Year 3 had a super time visiting Kents Cavern!

We were pleased to make it there without a hitch this time, but we were disappointed we couldn't be joined by our friends from Kings Nympton.

We left school on the bus, arriving at Kents Cavern around 10.30, where we had a much needed snack! We were given a tour of the caves by Cara and even experienced momentary darkness down there! We learnt about stalactites and stalagmites and we were fascinated by how they formed! 

Next we had our lunch - possibly the highlight of the day!! Then we were able to handle artefacts from the Stone Age time and notice similarities and differences between today and then. We were lucky to be able to search for our own gems that we could bring home!

Finally, we completed the woodland trail and found out more about the Stone Age, we have used this learning in our history lesson this week! 

As always, it was a pleasure to take the children, they behaved beautifully. Cara, our guide, commented on what a fantastic group of Year 3s we have and what brilliant readers they all are!


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