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Haven Banks

What a fantastic day the Year 4s had at Haven Banks!

They arrived at school full of enthusiasm for the day ahead. Arriving at Haven Banks they were greeted by their instructor for the day. The group split into 2 groups. Group 1 headed along the banks of the Exe for team building activities while Group 2 kitted themselves out and set sail down the river on their dragon boat. Both groups were fantastic at the team building activities. It was brilliant to watch as the worked collaboratively and communicated clearly to overcome and achieve at each challenge. The challenges ranged from the drain pipe run, where they have a piece of pipe and a ball and have to work together to roll the ball about 20 metres along their pipes to a bucket, to the magic pole. A pole that is only allowed to be touched by their two forefingers underneath it and it has to be brought to the ground, even though at first it only wants to fly higher!

The dragon boat was a big hit with both groups.  Despite the wind’s best efforts to blow the boat into the hedge, the children all learnt to row together, with the help of a big drum. Both groups rowed all the way down to the low bridge and a little way back but had to have a tow back to base as the wind finally got the better of us. The children, as always, showed what a super group of young people they are. They get on so well as a class and I was really proud of how they behaved towards each other, the instructors, the adults taking them on the trip, including the bus driver! Thank you for giving the children the opportunity to take part in the day. Every child thoroughly enjoyed themselves and has gone home proud of their achievements.

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