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Year 4 spent the day at QE taking part in orienteering activities, led by QE students. The day began with a scavenger hunt where the children had a list of items to find from the field. Fantastically, Josie and Thomas L received a certificate for placing 3rd in this activity out of the 80 pairs of children!

After a short break for lunch, the children were introduced to the idea of bearings to show directions. They were shown which direction was north and that this would be a bearing of 0˚ as well as east being 90˚, south 180 ˚ and west 270˚. As part of the same activity, the children were shown how to estimate distances between cones. They counted the number of steps it took from their starting point and converted this into meters by diving by 2.

They were then challenged to put these skills to the test in a final orienteering race. The children used a map of the field with marked control points that they had to find in a specific order. The children were timed in this activity and impressively, Wilfie and Henry were also awarded certificates for coming in the first 10 pairs to complete the race.

As always, the children were beautifully behaved and had a fantastic day!  



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