Core Values & Ethos


·      Maintain the unique and valued sense of family and belonging in the immediate community

·      Take pride in our community environment

·      Encourage a wider community spirit and sense of belonging

·      Be caring and have respect for others in our community



·      Aim for your very best at all times to reach your individual potential

·      Celebrate and take pride in achievements

·      Develop a passion for lifelong learning

·      Be curious and try without the fear of failure


 Respect and Acceptance:

·      Everyone has a voice that is heard

·      Embrace differences and recognise equality

·      Learn to forgive others

·      Treat others as you would like to be treated

·      Have respect for yourself, your friends and your family and all others



·      Encourage independent, confident and responsible learning

·      Maintain an enthusiasm for learning

·      Persevere even if things don’t go well

·      Promote a high self esteem