Feedback & Testimonials

Parent Feedback 

'I just wanted to say that the Zoom classes have been really good this week and have really worked for us as a family. It massively helps to have structure and our child has adapted brilliantly, she has loved being part of a class and has been very happy to do all the tasks set by her teachers. Please keep the zoom classes coming I know it doesn’t work for everyone but for us has been great. To Mrs Godly & Mrs Rowcliffe.'


‘’Both our children enjoyed the interactive lesson on line this afternoon with Mrs Godly’’


‘My son really enjoyed today. I know some people had teething issues getting set up, but once we were in and sorted he actually really enjoyed it. Please pass on my huge thanks to all the staff yourself included who must have had a difficult few days.’


Letter to OFSTED from a parent -

Through the first lockdown, staff made great efforts to provide work for children and also to keep connected with parents. Staff took the time in my case rang on a few occasions to touch base and make sure my son was coping and that I as a parent was happy with the support offered. They personally by phone contacted every parent! They were reassuring, supportive, and genuinely wanted to ensure that we were doing ok. At a time when staff themselves were probably concerned for the health and wellbeing of their own families. They did a great job at a difficult and for many of us stressful time.

Returning to school after the summer the staff went above and beyond again to ensure a smooth transition back to learning, supporting and enabling the children to process and cope with the effects of lockdown and the changes to their little school. They helped them to reintegrate safely with their peers and the school community. They made great efforts to keep parents informed of how they were keeping our children safe. They assessed where the children were and worked with them while not applying undue pressure or allowing the children to feel that they were falling behind. They were nurturing and reassuring just the way a teacher should be.
An emotional chat with a teacher before school one morning put my mind at rest a great deal that my son would be taken care of. I was concerned his confidence being around others had wained over the period of isolation. His teacher really put my mind at rest and he coped well with readjusting to school life again. They gave them some normalcy and managed to make school welcoming and friendly despite the challenges of social distancing covid safeguarding.

This time lockdown and last minute shutting of schools has put a tremendous amount of pressure at extremely short notice upon the school staff, parents and teachers.  After much speculation and lack of communication from the government schools have been put in a difficult position, with demands that they provide at the drop of a hat remote learning.

I should like to let you know that yet again Kings Nympton is rising to the challenge. I don’t know quite how they have pulled it together with a days notice but they are doing it. After a few tech teething problems on the 1st day back yesterday and a power cut that threw half the village off grid today Kings Nympton has persevered to get learning out to our kids and ensure that everyone has the help they need to get online. Our school administrator Suzanne Hazelden spent the day keeping us up to date using every-means possible to contact parents and ensure that she helped ensure access for all. Classes so far with Mr Saltearn and Mrs Godly have gone well.  If any children do not attend it certainly will not be from lack of effort on the schools behalf. They also appreciate that every family is different, that some families are under great pressure, with work commitments and children of different ages. They have been supportive and encouraging and I take my hat off to them all.

My son who finds school a challenge at times, who doesn’t much like writing and sometimes finds it hard to focus has the last two days completed all the tasks set. He feels proud of his achievements and thinks online learning is exciting. He enjoyed his classes and the work set and engaged with the learning. He was sat ready for zoom at least ten minutes before each class started and is keen to attend tomorrow.

Ms Fenemore and all the staff at Kings Nympton have undergone so much change over the last 10 months, but they have seriously worked so hard and adapted to the changes.

I would like this feedback to be recorded with Ofsted as I feel that people are very quick to complain when they have a problem, but probably the thing that is the most important of all is to give praise and credit where it is due and to make sure that our teachers and staff at all our schools know that they are not taken for granted and that they are pretty amazing and a massive credit to the education system.