School Forum

In Kings Nympton School, we have school forums. Every month, Class 1 and Class 2 meet up and talk about what they would like in school, what is good and bad in playtimes and about what we do and don't in school. If there is an event coming up (children in need, Sport Relief etc.) then we have one extra forum.

Each year, we decide who is going to be Chairperson and who will be Secretary. We have a secret vote, which means that everyone votes but doesn't tell anyone else who they voted for. We put our votes into a pot and then someone counts up all the votes. The person with the most votes will be Chairperson/Secretary. If there is a draw, then everyone votes again out of the people who drew. People are allowed to vote for themselves.

When doing the vote, the names of the people who want to be Chairperson/Secretary are written on the board. This is to make sure that you don't misspell their names. It is also to make sure that you don't say the wrong person. If you vote for someone who doesn't want to be Chairperson/Secretary, it doesn't count and you don't get to vote again.
By Eliza - Year 6 (age 10)
Secretary of the School Forum