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School Nursing Service Update

The School Nursing service across Devon has been developing their service to improve access to a School Nurse and to information and support for all school aged children. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know of some of the changes that have taken place, or are due to take place, and remind you of your local School Nurse team contact details.

Find us online at:


The school nursing team and health visitors can be contacted on 0333 2341904 or    

Information from the school nursing service:

The School Nursing Service provides information and support to school-aged children and their families who live in Devon or who attend a Devon school.

We work in partnership with schools and other services to identify those children and young people who may be supported by the School Nursing service. This can also include working with schools to support their management of pupils with medical conditions, and contributing to policies which impact on health.

Working together with schools we:

  • identify health needs across the school population and plan how we will work together to deliver the core offer over the academic year
  • identify children and young people who may require support at transition
  • deliver the National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP).
  • identify children and young people who may be missing from education and where there may be a need for public health nursing support
  • provide support, and advice in relation to toileting issues, healthy lifestyles, sleep routines and mental health and wellbeing
  • work with Devon Partnerships as part of Early Help, SEND and safeguarding as appropriate


To contact the Nursing team for a chat or to make a referral you can either speak with Mrs Rowcliffe, the school Sendco or you can contact the Nursing Hub direct on 03332341904.