School Vision

Our vision at Kings Nympton Primary School is to be a unique and happy place for children to learn, grow and develop as individuals, with a strong family feel and sense of belonging to the immediate and wider community. This is promoted and valued by everyone which helps to develop a respect for others and the environment. Children are excited to come to school and show enthusiasm for learning with each other. We take pride in promoting a high self-esteem in a stimulating, challenging, caring and happy school community. Kings Nympton is an inclusive school that ensures the potential in everyone is seen and harnessed.

To achieve this, we aim to ensure children feel secure within a challenging, caring school environment with a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum is accessible to all pupils through creating appropriate learning experiences designed to meet their individual intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

 Our aims at Kings Nympton are:

·      All children should acquire a passion for lifelong learning by being independent, confident          and responsible learners

·      Take pride in their achievements and celebrate the achievements of others

·      Strive to do their best at all times and reach their individual potential

·      Become ambassadors for our school and community