Severe Weather

Severe Weather Guidelines

Wherever possible the school will remain open during severe weather but our primary consideration is the safety of the children and staff. Heavy snowfall, or even icy roads, may mean that the school is not safely accessible to staff and pupils or that teachers cannot get to school or are late. 

In the event of severe weather the school will take steps to determine the extent of the problem.  If the situation seems to be deteriorating causing potential problems, for children needing to travel some distance home, then steps will be taken to send those children home early.  The bus companies may also decide to collect children early if they feel the roads are not safe travel on at the usual time. 

If the school has to make a decision to send children home early, for example if bad weather sets in during the day, the buses are sent for and the children taken home.  A check is first made that there is someone at home (or a neighbour or friend) to receive the children who are sent home early. 

Please make sure you have plans in place to pick up your child from school or meet the bus as soon as you receive a text or email informing you if the school needs to close early due to poor weather conditions.  Staff need to be able to travel home safely and can only do so once all pupils have been collected.

Please make sure that the school knows what your early closure contingency plan is.  

If there is any likelihood of severe weather, and you are not going to be at home, please ensure that the school knows who you wish them to contact should the children need to go home early. If you have any concerns please ring the school office for advice.

In the event of it being necessary to close the school, every attempt will be made to notify parents via the school web site, local radio, email and text message.

If school is closed we subscribe to Schoolcomms a text messaging service that allows us to send warning texts to all parents.  Please ensure that school holds a current mobile phone number.  We will also send out an email alert.   

If parents are unsure as to whether the school will be open they can get information by; listening to local radio programmes (BBC Devon, Heart FM). Updates will be reported through the local radio stations on subsequent days.

In general the rule is that if the bus does not run and you bring your child to school yourself then you are responsible for making arrangements to get your child home at the end of the day.  If you think that conditions have improved sufficiently for the bus to run on the home run then please ring your bus company first point of contact to check.