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Parent Forum

Parent forums are a way for schools to encourage more parents to get involved in school life. They are informal groups where parents can raise issues, be consulted on school policy and give their views. The Parent Forum is a partnership between parents and the school. It is a valuable way to share ideas, views, concerns and make suggestions for improvement.

Parents Forum

What are the aims of the Parent Forum?
- work together to improve the education provided for our children
- share information, knowledge and skills
- meet in a mutually supportive environment
- further improve communications between parents/carers and staff/governors

The Parent Forum does not have any statutory responsibilities, duties or powers in the school.

The Parent Forum consists of parents and Senior Leadership.The parent members are Sammy Steer-Fowler, Paula Bannister, Carly Cook and Nikki Hawkins.

Any parent/carer of children currently at Kings Nympton Primary School is welcome to join any Parent Forum meeting.  At times other members of the school community will also attend the meetings depending on the agenda items and what the school feels they would like to share with the parents, such as new initiatives.

Why should I be part of the Parent Forum?

It gives you, the parent, an opportunity to get together on a regular basis with other parents to have your say on what the school is doing well, and suggest ideas of how things could be improved.  We hold meetings once per term. 

What is discussed at the meetings?

Anything related to improving the school and further developing the partnership between the school and parents.  The meetings will be informal and are on opportunity for an open discussion.  Minutes of the meetings will be taken and these will be accessible on the school's website (see below).

It is not the forum to discuss concerns or complaints involving individual children, families or members of staff.

How can I raise an issue?

If you would like to add an item to the agenda, please contact the office: 01769 580512 or email Carly Cook and Nikki Hawkins are very happy to talk to parents directly; please contact the office and we will put you in touch. 

Meeting schedule

The Autumn Term 2022 Parent Forum meeting is scheduled as follows:
Thursday 24th November 2022, 9.00am
Thursday 30th March 2023, 9.00am

Minutes from meetings are available below.  Please note that there was no meeting during the Spring term 2002.